New Easter Tradition Helps Parents Teach Kindness and Create Lasting Holiday Memories

“Think of it like the Elf on the Shelf® kit, but for Easter,” said creator/author Cherri Prince. “It’s a magical experience kids really love, but also teaches the importance of kindness, which parents love too.”

Our Lollipop Seeds Story

This tradition began in our home a few years ago.  As most parents, I’m always looking for ways to instill positive values in my kids and build lasting memories, especially around the holidays.  But today, from a child’s perspective most holidays have become more about getting, and less and less about giving.

Like many families we love to celebrate Easter with wonderfully fun traditions like dying Easter Eggs, buying a pretty new dress for Easter Sunday, waking up to a treat-filled basket and egg hunts. The intent behind Lollipop Seeds that Sprout for Kind Deeds™ is to have one Easter tradition that highlights and celebrates the magic of kindness.

The first time we had lollipop seeds arrive at our home, it was a few days before Easter.  My kids were told how the Easter Bunny delivered them early so they would have the opportunity to help them bloom into a garden of lollipops on Easter morning.  The instructions that came with the seeds said they must first do something kind for someone.  Then on Easter Eve they needed to gently toss the seeds on to the yard while making a wish for the recipient of their kindness.   That night they fell fast asleep, excited and curious about the seeds.  In the morning, first my son, and then my daughter, peered into the backyard and excitedly shouted, “It worked! It worked!”  I too said silently to myself, “Yes! It worked.”  As they learned how something as simple yet powerful as a kind deed could indeed bloom.

It is my greatest wish that Lollipop Seeds that Sprout for Kind Deeds ™ will spark your kids imagination and desire to make the world a little sweeter, and kinder, on not just Easter but every day.  Enjoy this tradition and enjoy making it your very own.

All the best from my family to yours,




Cherri Prince