Kind Deed Ideas


Share a snack with a friend

What’s your favorite snack?  Is it apples, grapes, chocolate chip cookies and milk?  Did you know that a snack tastes twice as good if you share it with someone?  The more you love it, the better it tastes when you split it in half.  Plus, who knows YOUR favorite snack could become your friend’s favorite snack too meaning even more things you both will like about each other!

Wash the dishes

Many families have routines where parents cook the meals and clean the dishes (and buy the groceries, and have jobs outside the home, etc.).  Surprise your parents after a meal and tell them that you’re going to wash the dishes or load the dishwasher.  Suggest to your parents that they do something JUST for them in the time they’re getting since you’re doing the dishes.  They will love it!  And aren’t happy parents the best?

Encourage someone to try

Sometimes kids are afraid to try something new because they’re not sure if they know how. You can encourage them with positive words like “Go for it!” or “You can do it!”  Or, if it’s an activity you’re really good at like hula-hooping, hop-scotch or jump-rope, you could take the time and give them some “expert” tips.  It’s so simple and at the same time can make a big difference in boosting a friend’s confidence to try something new.

Host a toy drive

There are lots of kids all throughout the year that get sick and have to go to a hospital just for children.  Sometimes they’re only there for a few days, and sometimes weeks or even months.  One thing that could cheer them up is a new toy.  Buy a new toy for one of them.  Multiply your efforts by asking all the other kids in your class at school to buy one too.  Then ask your parents to take you to your local children’s hospital to make a bunch of kids’ day a whole lot brighter.

Read a book to someone

Everyone loves story time.  If you have a younger brother, sister or neighbor, they would love it if your read them one of their favorite books.  Try giving the characters funny voices and play with the volume of your voice---read some sentences in a whisper and some in your full-on outside voice.  They’ll appreciate you taking the time to read to them and think you’re really fun for reading a familiar book in a whole new way.

And hundreds more…

There is this really fantastic group of cool people called the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation that is all about inspiring people to practice kindness and pass it on to others. They have hundreds of cool kindness ideas like visiting an animal shelter, leaving change in a vending machine, thanking your parents and more!